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Visual Statistics - Population Example

Having fielded a few general e-queries from the Population and Sustainability Network who tracked me down thanks to in the old-fashioned off-the-web word-of-mouth way, specifically through the Wilderness Foundation - I got thinking about a string of past conversations with all sorts of people about the challenge of population growth. Hence I thought I'd share a couple of superb videos that I think are great conversation starters:


I first heard about Gapminder.org some years ago but lost the link and had actually been looking for it intermittently until I accidentally came across it recently (and how it has improved! - very impressed) when watching a whole stack of TED Talks. Now the above one has recently been complemented with this new one:

Now, I have put this one in the Collaboration category as it showcases how an open attitude to data and allowing even uninvited people to collaborate around it really can reap rewards in better understanding of big issues (even though our hero Rosling clearly faced an uphill task getting this far). Visual representation of statistics is key when communicating - as I have talked about previously in my entry about Risk. If you want even more population related video, then check out the United Nation's Population Fund Video Channel here: http://video.unfpa.org/. Also, check out Rosling's blog here: http://www.roslingsblogger.blogspot.com/


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